3 week schedule: weeks 10, 11, and 12

We would like to provide the schedule for the next 3 weeks. As we continue the 2021-22 school year, our goal is to provide an uninterrupted face-to-face schedule of instruction -- we want to keep students in school. However, in order for schools to continue on a normal schedule, there must be enough healthy staff present to serve students, including nurses, teachers, bus drivers, operations staff, cafeteria workers, school resource officers, and administrators. Schools are facing a critical shortage of substitutes for all of these positions.

SDPC will continue to monitor conditions closely and update our protocols every 3 weeks. The schedule is one of the protocols that will be monitored. SDPC has no intention of moving to a temporary virtual schedule unless conditions require an adjustment. Knowing that we must have key personnel to operate school, it is vital for families to keep in mind that within any 3 week window, a school,  grade level, or classroom may revert to temporary virtual online learning if the well-being of students or employees is compromised. 

 Reminder - In an effort to assist our students that have been quarantined and provide consistency across all of our schools in these situations, we have asked our teachers to create a folder titled “Support During Quarantine” in Schoology. This will simplify the process of locating instructional information during quarantine for students and families. 

Here is the 3 week window for weeks 10, 11, and 12 (click for printable copy):