Registration FAQ

How do I find out what school my child/children will attend?
The school locator system on the School District of Pickens County website assists parents in finding the school their children will attend. Before using the School Locator system, please carefully read the guidelines.

Where do I register my child for school?
Registration for all students is conducted at the assigned school based on your current Pickens County address; however, you will want to begin with online registration prior to your arrival.

When do I register?
SDPC will start registration for the 2022-23 school year beginning in February. Parents can begin the registration process online now by entering their information into the New Student Gateway.

Please register as soon as possible so our schools can place your child on a class roster.

First Day

How old does my child have to be to enroll in the School District of Pickens County for the first time?

  • 3K Registration: A child who is three years old on or before September 1 may register for three-year-old kindergarten; however, the child must qualify for the program.   Each student is screened; only qualified students are accepted into the program.

    • Our district has 3K programs in the following areas of the district:

      • Easley area (New in 22-23): Crosswell Elementary, East End Elementary 

      • Liberty area: Liberty Primary School

      • Pickens area: Dacusville Elementary, Hagood Elementary

    • Each student is screened; only qualified students are accepted into the program

  • 4K Registration: A child who is four years old on or before September 1 may register for four-year-old kindergarten; however, the child must qualify for the program. 

    • Each student is screened; only qualified students are accepted into the program.

  • 5K Registration: A child who is five years old on or before September 1 can register for five-year-old kindergarten.

What are the requirements for enrolling my child in the School District of Pickens County for the first time?

To enroll in SDPC, a student must reside in Pickens County with his or her parent or legal guardian and provide the following three required documents:

  1. A copy of the student's state-issued birth certificate must be provided to the school at the time of enrollment. Hospital birth reports are not acceptable. If necessary, duplicate birth certificates can be obtained from local county health departments or the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, Vital Records and Public Health Statistics Division at 2600 Bull Street, Columbia, South Carolina, 29201 or from a similar agency in the state of the child's birth.

  2. A valid South Carolina Certificate of Immunization must be presented for all students prior to their enrollment. 

  3. Proof of Pickens County residence – Acceptable proof is a current electricity, gas, water or cable/satellite bill in the parent/guardian’s name. The bill must show the service address. If a bill in the parent/guardian’s name is not available, an Affidavit of Residence is required. An affidavit can be done at the screening appointment.

  • A correct "911" address (proof of residence) MUST be provided at the time of enrollment. A post office box may be provided for mailing purposes only. A home address is required as well as a current home telephone number and daytime telephone numbers for emergency purposes. Parents are advised to notify the school immediately if their phone numbers change. 

  • Schools may ask for a student's Social Security number. However, by federal law, schools cannot require that a Social Security number be provided.

  • For a student who is transferring from another school or school district, a transfer/withdrawal form and a copy of the student's last report card should be provided to the school at the time of enrollment. Official transcripts are requested by mail and sent directly to the school. A hand-carried copy will not constitute an official transcript.

  • In cases where a student's parents are divorced and/or legally separated, the court order granting custody must be presented to school personnel and issues addressed prior to enrollment. In addition, a step-parent is NOT to be listed on enrollment forms UNLESS he/she has legal responsibility for the student by an order of the court.

  • In the case of guardianship (not to be confused with parental custody), a copy of the court order establishing the guardianship must be approved by and filed at the school district's Office of Student Services, 1348 Griffin Mill Road, Easley, S.C. 29640. Enrollment will not be permitted until the appropriate guardianship has been established and the document is on file. No handwritten "consent" from a parent will be accepted – whether or not it is notarized. Guardianship for enrollment purposes must be granted by order of the court. It should be noted that by common law, the mother has sole and exclusive custody of a child born out of wedlock.

  • A state affidavit can only be used for enrollment in specific circumstances as set forth by state law. This affidavit must be executed before enrollment and notarized by an official in the district's Office of Student Services.

Current Students

When do current students register?
Elementary and middle school students can meet their teachers and see their classrooms at Meet the Teacher events. High school students will register, pick up schedules, pay fees and pick up text books at registration.

What do students need at Meet the Teacher or registration?
Forms for elementary and middle school students will be available at Meet the Teacher. The parent or guardian will fill in missing information or make corrections and leave the forms at the school.

  • Proof of Residence
    When a student begins kindergarten, sixth grade and ninth grade, proof of Pickens County residence is required. Additionally, proof is also required when a student first enrolls at any new school.

Acceptable proof is a current electricity, gas, water or cable/satellite bill in the parent/guardian's name. The bill must show the service address. If a bill in the parent/guardian's name is not available, an Affidavit of Residence is required. Schools have instructions for completing an affidavit.

  • Fees
    Each student is required to pay a $25 Tech it Home Fee each school year to cover the cost of accidental damage to student-issued devices. SDPC does not charge additional instructional fees; however, each high school student will pay a class fee of $6.00. The class fee is used for activities such as homecoming, prom, senior events, and graduation expenses. Additionally, fees are necessary for some courses or optional special activities such as school pictures, yearbooks, newspapers, and some career center courses. Fees can be paid online via MySchoolBucks or via cash/check at the school.

Can I register online?
Some parts of the registration process can be completed online, but not all. Please click here for more information about our online Back-to-School Gateway.

Where will students and families find supply lists?
Supply lists will be posted on each school's website. Check there to find what supplies will be needed.

How do families apply for free and reduced meals?
Qualifying students receive free and reduced price meals under the National School Lunch Program and the School Breakfast Program. This year, families can complete the required application online, allowing them to receive benefits faster if they are eligible. Families may apply anytime after July 19 by visiting our Student Nutrition Services website at

In addition, staff members will be available at Meet the Teacher and registration events to help with online applications. Families must bring the following: (1) family case number if receiving food stamps; (2) payroll check stub to provide gross income; (3) Social Security number of adult signer. Paper applications will also be available.