District TOY & SEOY

On September 11, 2023, the School District of Pickens County announced our District Teacher of the Year (TOY) and District Support Employee of the Year. We are pleased to share that Kim Wilson, from Ambler Elementary, has been named District Teacher of the Year, and Chris McConnell, from Operations, has been named District Support Employee of the Year. 

Kim Wilson is a fifth-grade math teacher at Ambler Elementary. She is a valuable member of the Ambler Elementary staff. Principal Carlton Lewis shared that, "Kim has the rare skill of being able to reach students no matter what their age or ability." You can read more about Kim Wilson here: Kim Wilson Press Release

Chris McConnell is the SDPC Coordinator of Grounds for our Operations Department. He is responsible for all of the district grounds crews who handle everything from grass cutting and mulching to the approval, installation, and maintenance of playground equipment throughout our district. Executive Director of Operations, Travis Smith, said this of Chris, "Chris's dedication and hard work have earned him the respect and appreciation of his colleagues, school staff, and administrators, making him a valued member of the team." You can read more about Chris McConnell here: Chris McConnell Press Release

In addition to recognizing our District TOY and SEOY, we also recognized the Teachers and Support Employees of the Year from all of our schools and sites.  Our finalists, or honor roll employees, were recognized as well. 

Finalists for District Teacher of the Year were: 

  • Amanda Eron, Easley High School 
  • Kathryn Gandy, Hagood Elementary School
  • Taylor Holden, Six Mile Elementary School 
  • Kim Wilson, Ambler Elementary (District TOY) 

Finalists for District Support Employee of the Year were: 

  • Misty Black, Liberty Middle School 
  • Willa Gleason, Pickens County Career & Technology Center 
  • Leigh Ligon, R.C. Edwards Middle School 
  • Chris McConnell, Operations(District SEOY)

We appreciate all of our staff and what they do for students in Pickens County! 

If you'd like to see the full list of Teachers and Support Employees of the Year for all of our sites, click below: