SPDC Calendars

Current + Future

The SDPC Board of Trustees approved the 2023-2024 FINAL Calendar on Nov. 28, 2022. This is a Modified Year-Round calendar with a start date of August 1, 2023 for students.

  • First Day: August 1

  • Last Day: May 24

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Modified Year-Round Calendar Approach

The MODIFIED calendar provides:

The MODIFIED Year-Round or "balanced" calendar reduces the long summer break and simply allocates those days throughout the school year, producing more frequent breaks and limiting long periods of in-session days, as well as longer times away from instruction during the summer.

  • Balanced Semesters

    • Complete 1st semester and secondary level exams before Christmas break (in prior years, a later start date led to exams being given after Christmas which was very difficult for students and parents).

  • Breaks Throughout the Year

    • Our goal is to create breaks evenly distributed throughout the school year instead of long stretches without stopping.

    • Prevents student and teacher burnout. Keeps everyone more mentally refreshed.

    • Decreases teacher and student absences.

    • Prevents social, behavioral, and emotional issues.

    • Allows us to schedule unique opportunities for partnerships with area organizations for Arts and Music Enrichment during these breaks.

    • Additional opportunities for students and staff throughout the year instead of just summer.

  • Decrease Summer Learning Loss

    • An earlier return (first Tuesday in August) reduces learning loss during the summer months and allows a return to structure for students.

  • Allows more instructional days before cold and flu season

    • Breaks are built-in during times when more absences occur due to sickness.

  • Flexible Learning Opportunities

    • Allows students to complete 12-week and 8-week virtual courses each semester (during 20 week semester).

    • Flexibility in scheduling virtual courses makes more courses available to students.

    • Provides more options for our students to obtain credits.

  • All of this is in line with the SDPC Board priority of INNOVATION

    • Enables SDPC to be more future-focused.

The total number of school days for students (180) and contract days for teachers (190) remain the same as they have been before.

Future Calendars

SDPC posts draft versions of future calendars to assist teachers and families with planning. All calendars are subject to change. Calendars are brought to the school board for final approval during the preceding school year.

The district has developed draft calendars through the 2027-2028 school year, which will be posted on the district website for planning purposes but must be reviewed by the board each year before final approval and are subject to change. These calendars follow the Modified Year-Round format.