School Locator

Before using the school locator system, users must read the following carefully: 

  • Students who live on a dead-end street should use the main connecting road to determine the correct attendance zone.

  • Both sides of a road are in the same attendance area. Students who live at the beginning of a road that intersects an attendance area boundary should verify the attendance zone by zooming in on the map for more information.

  • Extra care should be taken to determine the attendance zone of a residence located on the boundary of two attendance zones. Please call (864) 397-1164, to verify the correct zone.

  • Whispering Pines Subdivision--There is no way to identify the attendance areas in this subdivision correctly. Depending on house location, some students attend Easley area schools and some attend Liberty area schools. You should call Transportation Services at (864) 397-1164 if you need more information concerning addresses in the Whispering Pines subdivision.

  • There are a few roads that the system does not recognize at this time. If your address is not recognized by the school locator system, call (864) 397-1164 to find out your school assignment.

  • Click here to use the school locator.