New Student Gateway

A new student is one who is not currently attending or enrolled in a SDPC school. Students transferring from one school to another within the district after the school year has started will also be classified as "new students."

The student must reside in Pickens County with their parent or legal guardian in order to be eligible for enrollment in the School District of Pickens County. Parents may use our School Locator to determine their child’s attendance school.

Click here to enter the New Student Gateway!

Parents should click START to create their own secure login to the new student registration site. Once parents create a login, they can log back in at a later time to complete the registration process.

Additional enrollment information and how to schedule a registration appointment to complete the enrollment process is provided in the system.  You will be required to present all necessary documentation at your registration appointment. You may also be required to complete additional forms which may include a Home Language Survey at the school during the registration appointment.

A student’s registration is not complete until all documentation is presented and processed.  

If you have any problems or have questions about New Student Gateway, please contact your child’s school.