Medication at School

Prescription and over-the-counter medication CANNOT be given to students without parent permission. The school nurse, principal or his designee(s) may administer prescription medication only by parental request. If a student is required to take prescription medication during school hours, the student's physician must complete the School District of Pickens County Request for Medication Administration and shall include the following information: (1) student's full name, (2) name of medication, (3) times to be administered, (4) dosage, (5) possible side effects (if significant), and (6) termination date for administering the medication.

The School District of Pickens County Request for Medication Administration is available below on this page or from the school nurse. Medications are not supplied by the school or by the school nurse.

Students who must keep an inhaler or any other medication on their person for emergency purposes must receive written permission from an administrator. If a parent sends medication to school along with written instruction but not a completed School District of Pickens County Request for Medication Administration, designated school personnel may administer the medicine as directed that day. A medication permit must be completed by the parent for succeeding days when medicine is to be administered. Both forms are available at the school and on the district Web site. Parents should pick up all medications by the end of the school year. Any medications that are not picked up by the last day for students will be destroyed. Forms to request medication administration at school, for self-administration during the school day, and for self-administration outside school hours can be found below.