Special Services

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It is the goal of the School District of Pickens County in conjunction with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act, to provide full educational opportunities to all children with disabilities or special needs, ages 3-21, where appropriate.

Students with disabilities are those students who are unable to have their educational needs met in a regular class without a specialized curriculum, instruction, or related services. Classifications of these exceptional children include those who are autistic, deaf or hearing impaired, educable mentally disabled, emotionally disabled, learning disabled, multi-disabled, other health impaired, orthopedically impaired, preschool with a disability, profound mentally disabled, speech/language impaired, trainable mentally disabled, traumatic brain injured, and visually impaired. Numerous instructional programs are provided to meet the educational needs of an individual student.

The School District of Pickens County strives to ensure that students with disabilities develop mentally, physically, and emotionally through the provision of a free and appropriate education that has been individualized and developed in the least restrictive environment. Service models include inclusion, itinerant, resource, and self-contained options.

The Individualized Education Program (IEP) states in writing the special education programs and services to be provided to each exceptional child. Curricula for most special needs students follow the set of courses for the students in the general education with emphasis on instruction in language arts, mathematics, social studies, sciences, and appropriate career and vocational education. Special transportation is provided for those students whose disability warrants this service.

Services from a school counselor, district social worker, speech therapist, occupational therapist, physical therapist or school psychologist may be recommended by teachers, students, and/or parents. Procedures for referral are available at all school sites.

Accommodations for Individuals with Disabilities

In compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act (504) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the School District of Pickens County will provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities. Students, parents, or patrons needing accommodations should contact the school ADA/504 coordinator, the principal, and/or the district ADA/504 coordinator.