Graduation Requirements

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State Department of Education Reg. R43-234

Requirements for Earning a South Carolina High School Diploma

  1. The student must earn a total of twenty-four units of credit as follows:

Unit Requirements

  • English Language Arts 4.0

  • Mathematics 4.0

  • Science 3.0

  • U.S. History and Constitution 1.0

  • Economics 0.5

  • U.S. Government 0.5

  • Other Social Studies 1.0

  • Physical Education or Junior ROTC 1.0

  • Computer Science (Including Keyboarding) 1.0

  • Foreign Language or Career and Technology Education 1.0

  • Electives 7.0

TOTAL 24.0

  1. The student must pass a classroom examination on the provisions and principles of the United States Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Federalist papers, and American institutions and ideals. This instruction must be given for a period of at least one year or its equivalent, either within the required course U.S. History and Constitution or within another course. (For specific regulations regarding the end-of-course test for U.S. History and Constitution, see R 43-262.4, End-of-Course Tests.)

  2. The student must pass a high school credit course in science in which an end-of-course examination is administered.

  3. The student must be enrolled for a minimum of one semester immediately preceding his or her graduation, except in case of a bona fide change of residence. Units earned in a summer school program do not satisfy this requirement.