Food Service During Temporary Virtual Learning

SDPC is offering free breakfast and lunch for anyone under the age of 18 (and special needs adults up to age 21) during Temporary Virtual (remote) learning days. The child does not have to be present for the parent to receive the meal as long as the parent can provide identification for the child. Food is available for curbside pick-up at school or by bus delivery.

School Curbside Pick-up: All schools will offer curbside meal pickup from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Parents will be able to pick up both breakfast and lunch each day at one time.

Bus Stop Delivery:

School buses will travel to their morning and afternoon stops carrying meals during times of temporary virtual remote learning. No prior sign-up is required to receive these meals.

Bus Stop Delivery Schedules:

If the time when a student needs to pick up their meal conflicts with a class time, please inform the teacher. Keeping our students fed is a top priority, and our teachers will work with students to make sure basic needs are met first. If you have questions about a bus arriving on time, please call your area bus office.

Any child, whether they ride a bus or not, is allowed to get a meal at any bus stop. They do not have to be enrolled in an SDPC school to receive a meal.

Pickens County Virtual Academy Students
PCVA students can pick up meals from any school using the curbside pick-up plan.