Accountability & Information Technology Services

Technology is a vital part of the School District of Pickens County's instructional and administrative programs. The Accountability, Information, and Technology Services (AITS) staff is committed to providing the best support for our teachers, administrators, staff, and students. In a world of constant technological change, AITS will continue to lead our district through the technology procurement, implementation, training, and assessment processes that most benefit and enhance effective instruction and management. Our systems approach will be constantly reviewed and refined in order to provide the best product and services for the district.

AITS supports over 3700 student desktops and laptops, 1300 teacher and administrator laptops, 1200 interactive projectors, 1500 wireless access points, 15,000 Chromebooks, 2500 IOS devices, 2500 Android tablets, 2000 VOIP phones, 600+ proximity card readers, and over 1150 security cameras.

1EdTech LOGO

The School District of Pickens County is a contributing member and promotes the use of 1EdTech interoperability standards to benefit students and teachers.

Standards First Logo

We are proud supporters of the Standards First Pledge.

As part of a community that is committed to make open standards the first and primary choice for education technology integrations, we are advocates for standards based integrations.

We believe that achieving and promoting official product certification to open standards enables a better EdTech ecosystem and community, and we believe in fair and open business practices for suppliers.

This is a cause we are passionate about and have taken the Standards First Pledge to confirm our support.