We support and encourage volunteerism in our schools. Volunteers work in cooperation with schools to help meet the needs of the children and the school staff and to represent the community in fulfilling its responsibility to the schools beyond merely tax support. Volunteers supplement and complement the work of the classroom teacher. Volunteers make a difference to many people—children, families, teachers, and the entire community. Volunteers give students a chance to see parents and other interested citizens involved in school activities in a helping relationship. 

Volunteer Training 

Each volunteer who will have direct contact with students must receive training from a district school and submit to a Sex Offenders Registry check. Volunteer training will address bloodborne pathogens, sexual harassment, and volunteer procedures at the local school. At each training, each volunteer will be given a flier outlining important facts on bloodborne pathogens, SDPC's policy on sexual harassment, and the SDPC volunteer policy.

If you have questions about volunteer training, please call 864-397-1019.

Click here to see the Volunteer Training Schedule.

All volunteer training will be conducted at schools. Check with your local school if you need to be volunteer trained. Please note: it is important for you to get your training early in the year while there are numerous sessions available to accommodate your schedule. You may attend a training session at any of the schools in our district. If you plan to attend a training at another school, please contact that school so they will have sufficient space for all trainees. 

Before you attend volunteer training, please scroll below to Resources for SDPC Volunteers, then click on SDPC Volunteer/Chaperone Application to apply online. 

 Volunteers who have had the training in past years are required to renew their eligibility each year by updating their application and attending an annual volunteer training session. No longer will the SDPC offer abbreviated trainings for renewing volunteers. All volunteers will complete full volunteer training EVERY YEAR.

To renew your volunteer eligibility, please scroll below to Resources for SDPC Volunteers, then click on the SDPC Volunteer /Chaperone Application. Complete the application prior to attending the volunteer training at your school. At that time, the volunteer liaison/coordinator will review your application to ensure that everything is up to date. 

Individuals who volunteer only as test monitors are required to complete an application but are not required to attend a training session.

The Volunteer Training Schedule will be updated as we are notified of sessions at schools. Please contact your child's school for more information. 

Background Checks

In addition to training, the district requires a background check through RAPTOR for all persons who chaperone students on field trips and those who escort or supervise students without a district employee present.

  • PLEASE NOTE: All background checks must be processed through the School District of Pickens County. We will not accept background checks run by another agency, school district or individual.
  • Background checks are effective for three school years.
  • For the 2018-2019 school year, background checks must have been processed after July 1, 2016.
  • The cost of the background check is $25 and must be paid by the volunteer through RAPTOR.
  • Volunteers who need background checks should arrange to have them completed early in the year. Background checks must be requested and paid for two weeks before the date of any field trip.
  • Please allow two weeks prior to the date of your volunteer activity for the processing of your background check.

Resources for SDPC Volunteers

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