SCSBA Board and Board Member Standards

In 1999, board members from throughout South Carolina unanimously approved eight board standards and seven standards for board members.  The standards support the SCSBA mission statement and its two objectives: to have all school boards establish and achieve the highest expectations of their communities and to have all school board members perform their duties of governance at a level of excellence established by SCSBA. 

Board Standards
The school board:
  • serves as an advocate for children and public education
  • communicates a clear vision
  • acts with fiscal responsibility
  • monitors student achievement
  • understands and responds to community needs
  • conducts professional meetings
  • supports the superintendent and administrative staff
  • avoids micromanagement

Board Member Standards
The school board member:
  • acts ethically
  • demonstrates courage
  • works as a team player
  • communicates effectively
  • makes sound decisions
  • stays informed
  • devotes sufficient time to duties