All meetings of the board are open to the public. The board will take action openly as prescribed by the South Carolina Freedom of Information Act. The board invites the general public, news media and district employees to attend board meetings. Meetings may be held virtually from time to time due to health conditions. If so, the board notice will state that. 

Board Meetings will be livestreamed in effort to provide our citizens, parents, students and staff the opportunity to view the meetings as they happen. To watch, please connect to the SDPC YouTube page.  

Please click here to visit our BoardDocs website, where you can view notices, agendas, and meeting minutes for past and upcoming board meetings.

2020-2021 Board Meeting Schedule
The Board of Trustees voted at the August meeting to move the November regular board meeting date to Monday, November 16 instead of the week of Thanksgiving. 

Please note: Meeting dates listed are subject to change at the discretion of the board. Regular Meeting dates are listed in the attached Meeting Schedule above along with possible called meeting dates. Please review schedule for dates. 

Called Board Meetings
will be posted 24 hours prior to date if taking place. Please note- these are tentative dates are not set and required therefore, could be canceled or postponed to another date. Please check our website to verify these meetings and times. For verification on called meetings/times/locations, please call 864-397-1029.  

The board requires that all persons wishing to make presentations to the board do so through established procedures as set forth in policy. The procedures are designed to encourage participation and to ensure the orderly management of board meetings.

Public Participation Policy

Board packets will be posted 24 hours prior to the meetings. A called board meeting may not have a board packet.

For Committee Meetings please see the district calendar for time and location on given date.

Minutes are recorded to reflect action of the board. Called board meetings that are for informational purposes/work sessions only -will not have minutes. 

For Board Meeting Information, please contact Rosanne Morris at 864-397-1029 or by email at