2021-2022 School Calendar Approved

2021-2022 School Calendar Approved!
Posted on 01/26/2021
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Our school board has approved the calendar for the 2021-2022 school year!


Click here to view and download the calendar.


As we first announced on our draft calendar posted in November of 2019, the 2021-2022 school year is scheduled to begin on August 3, 2021. Feedback we received from parents, teachers, and other stakeholders after a survey in fall 2020 led to some modifications to the original draft.

Key differences between the final 2021-2022 calendar and the original draft are:

  • An in-service day on September 3;
  • October break shortened from five days to 2;
  • No school on November 1 in order to provide a break between October and Thanksgiving;
  • No school on February 4 and 18 in order to provide breaks during flu and snow season;
  • Normal school day on April 15;
  • Last day of school moved to May 26 from May 27.


Beginning school early in August allows our schools to complete first semester before Christmas break. We believe this arrangement has academic benefits, especially for our high school students taking virtual and dual-credit courses. The earlier start also gives us flexibility to schedule breaks throughout the school year for the wellness and mental health of students and staff. This year, the start date will result in a shortened summer for students and teachers. Because of the amount of instructional time disrupted in the past year by the pandemic, we believe that a shortened summer may be especially valuable for students to avoid summer learning loss. The total number of school days for students (180) and contract days for teachers (190) remain the same as they have been before.


SDPC plans to continue the use of Digital Learning Days for inclement weather next school year. If adjustments such as Remote Learning Days are necessary because of COVID-19, we plan to continue to announce those changes throughout the year in six-week increments as we have done this year.


SDPC will continue posting future draft calendars on our website to assist families with planning vacations and other life events. These drafts are subject to change based on feedback, but our goal is to ensure that key holidays and return dates remain stable.