Tech Support During Remote and Virtual Learning

Tech Support

Technical support for students/parents is available by contacting each school.  See this link for each school's tech support information. Each school has a form for parents to complete and some schools have a number you can call for tech support. If you need assistance with the form, contact the school's main line.
The SDPC Tech It Home site has some useful tips for parents and students. This link has some technical tips: Tech It Home Technical Tips

Sometimes web applications do not work because the vendor is experiencing a regional or national technical issue. You can check the status of our most popular web applications here!
Wi-Fi Hotspots

Each school has a limited number of district-owned hotspots for families. Additionally, some low-income families are eligible for a state-funded hotspot. If you were eligible for a state-funded hotspot, you have already been contacted. The state-provided hotspots have arrived and are available for pickup if your oldest child is a high school student, a middle school student, or an elementary student at Ambler, Six Mile, or Pickens Elementary. Hotspots for the remaining elementary schools will not arrive until the end of September. Technical support for hotspots is below:
Access Hours: M-F 6am-10pm
Data Limits: 1GB daily/20GB Monthly
Technical Support: 240-482-4636
Help Guide

Access Hours: M-F 6am-10pm
Data Limits: After the first 20GB are used, hotspot will be restricted to education only sites and lower bandwidth (5MBps).
Technical Support: 1-800-922-0204
Help Guide

Other Internet Accessibility Options


For families who do not currently have home internet access, SDPC recommends the following options. A map of these options is found here:


School Parking Lots

Students can access school Wi-Fi from all of our school parking lots.
Click here for directions on how to connect to school Wi-Fi.
Gates to our parking lots will remain open so that students can park on our properties and access school Wi-Fi. Students will not be allowed to congregate outside their vehicles. Students seen meeting outside their vehicles will be asked to leave

Pickens County Public Library
The Pickens County Public Library system operates facilities throughout Pickens County and is open from 10 am to 6 pm. Study room space is limited and must be reserved.
Internet Safety

Click here for instructions on how to monitor your children's activity on their school issued devices.