Student Rights and Responsibilities

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Code JI

The board believes that students have rights that should be recognized and respected. It also believes that every right carries with it certain responsibilities.

Students have the right to a quality education and the responsibility to put forth their best efforts during the educational process. Students have the right to expect school personnel to be qualified in providing that education. Students have the responsibility to respect the rights of other students and all persons involved in the educational process.

Students have civil rights, including the right to equal educational opportunity and freedom from discrimination. They have the responsibility not to discriminate against others.

Students have the right to attend free public schools. They have the responsibility to attend school as required by law and to observe school rules and regulations essential for permitting others to learn at school.

Students have the right to due process of the law with respect to suspension, expulsion and unreasonable searches and seizures. They also have the privilege of appealing administrative decisions that they believe have deprived them of their rights.

Students have the right to free inquiry and expression. They have the responsibility to observe reasonable rules regarding these rights.

Students must be made aware of their legal rights and also of the legal authority of the board to make, or delegate authority to its staff to make rules and regulations regarding the orderly operation of the schools.

Students have the right to advocate change of any law, policy or regulation. Students may exercise their right to freedom of expression through speech, approved time for assembly, petition and other lawful means. The exercise of this right may not interfere with the rights of others. Students may not use this freedom of expression to present material that is obscene or slanderous or to defame character. They may not use this freedom to advocate violation of federal, state and local laws or school policies, rules and regulations.

The district will accord all students privileges and rights without regard to race, religion, sex, creed, disability, national origin or immigrant status, or English-speaking status.

Students may present complaints to teachers or administration officials. The administration will provide adequate opportunities for students to exercise this right through channels established for considering such complaints and grievances.