Academic Expectations During Closure

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End of Classes and Assignments (Pre-K through 11th Grade)

May 15 is the last day for initial credit classes in Odysseyware. May 19 is the last day of live online instruction (such as WebEx classes) for all other students. The deadline to turn in assignments is May 22 by 4:00 pm.

End of Classes and Assignments (Seniors)

May 15 is the last day of classes for seniors, and the last day for seniors to turn in assignments. Seniors completing credit recovery must complete their assignments by May 22 at 4:00 p.m. to participate in the graduation ceremony.

Expectations for Digital Learning

If there is an interruption to internet service or connectivity to WebEx during your child’s class, please do not worry. With the heavy usage of internet and online tools across the country, these situations may occur from time-to-time. We’re all learning to remain patient when these things happen.  Try to reconnect if possible, or check back for the class recording at a later time. Our teachers will continue to use a combination of live video, online assignments and paper assignment packets to continue instruction during the closure and are prepared to continue doing so for as long as needed. The amount of online or paper assignments will vary by class and grade level. Specific questions about your student should be directed to your child’s teacher.

Report Cards 

Schools will prepare report cards by June 3, and will announce their plan for distribution. 

Please note that due to the changes to the grading system because of the school closure, final report card grades may not match the grade displayed in Schoology. If you have specific questions about a student’s grade, contact the teacher.

Second Semester Grades


Last week, the SC Department of Education gave guidance on grading for second semester of this year. SDPC’s goal is for work completed during the extended school closure to help the students demonstrate mastery of standards and give students the opportunity to improve their grades. 


Preschool - 2nd Grade

Students in grades PK - 2 do not receive numerical grades. Our goal for our youngest learners is  to maintain the foundational skills they’ve developed. Teachers will continue to review and reinforce important skills while monitoring students’ mastery of the overall standard.  Given the circumstances surrounding eLearning, there will be an emphasis on helping students maintain learning and show improvement where possible.

Grades 3 - 12

Students in grades 3 - 12 receive numerical grades. According to the SC Department of Education, students will receive a cumulative second semester grade based on work completed from January 6 through the end of the year. They will not receive separate third and fourth quarter averages. The quarter three grade published on Friday, April 3 will serve as the interim grade for second semester. Our teachers will continue making assignments for students, and students should complete those assignments.


The final second semester grade will use the grades from January 6 through March 18 (end of Q3) to establish a baseline grade for the semester. All work completed after this time will be used to determine additional progress in an effort to improve students’ grades. Our goal is to allow students the opportunity to improve their grades with the work completed during the extended closure. We strongly encourage students to complete as many assignments as possible to stay on track with learning and be ready for next school year.


SDPC will ensure parents can still view the assignments made during our extended digital learning days. Parents will be able to view Q4 assignments and the student’s grade for those assignments in Schoology. 

Parents will not see a Q4 grade average in Schoology.  These assignments will have a date of 3/15/20. The actual due date of the assignment will appear in the name of the assignment. If you receive email updates from Schoology, you may receive notification that the assignment is late, so refer to the date in the assignment name.



The deadline for seniors to complete their work is Friday, May 15. 


Seniors should take advantage of the opportunity to improve second-semester grades as noted above. They should also participate in programs aimed at credit recovery if necessary. 


Per SDPC Board Policy, the valedictorian and salutatorian honors are determined using the GPA at the end of Q3. SDPC will still follow this policy and will announce those honors after spring break.


Return of Textbooks and Library Books 

Schools will set times each Wednesday for the return of school library books, and will communicate specific times for textbook returns. Each school will also designate specific times when students may access the building to retrieve personal belongings.

Homebound/Homebased Students During Times of Extended Digital Learning

All instruction moved from face-to-face in a school to learning in a home setting on March 23, 2020. Therefore, our students who are being served through homebound / homebased services have the opportunity to participate with their peers from home. Students should participate in the district’s approved digital learning plan to help them learn from home. We have asked homebound/based teachers to reach out to families. Please stay in communication with your child’s homebound / homebased teacher during this time.

3K and 4K Screenings

Screenings for 3K and 4K are postponed. We will contact those who already registered for times and advertise additional times when screenings are rescheduled. No screenings will be held until further notice.