2013-2014 Assessment Results for SDPC Schools

(Information is added and updated as results are released)


  • SDPC's 2014 average was 22.4, well above public school average of 20.4 and national average of 21.0.
  • Among top five districts in South Carolina, with top scores of any county-wide district in SC.
  • Every one of our high schools scored above the national average.
  • Improved over a score of 21.8 in 2013.
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AP (Advanced Placement)

  • 1,153 Advanced Placement tests were given in 2014, up from 996 in 2013.
  • Average passage rate (score of 3 or higher) in 2014 was 65%, down slightly from 66.1% in 2013.

End-of Course Exams

  • The End-of-Course Exams are given to middle and high school students. Students are tested on Algebra/Mathematics, Biology, English and U.S. History.
  • SDPC students averaged an 80.9 percent in Algebra/Mathematics, 82.3 in Biology, 78.5 in English and 78 in U.S. History. The state averages in those subject areas were 82.1, 81.8, 78.4 and 74.9 respectively, so the school district remained above the state average in every subject but Algebra.
  • The greatest gain for SDPC students was in U.S. History, with the average score increasing by 5.2 percentage points. 
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HSAP (High School Exit Exam)

  • 2014 was the final year of data for the high school exit exam. In April of 2014, South Carolina eliminated the HSAP as a graduation requirement, and it did not count against students for graduation in 2014.
  • SDPC's HSAP passage rate declined in 2014 to 80.5 from 86.1 in 2013 after four straight years of growth.
  • SDPC's average composite score rose to 1489 in 2014, up from 1483 in 2013.
  • District remained above the state average of 1429
  • Daniel High School earned the highest score of any traditional public high school in SC (1597).
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SC PASS (South Carolina Palmetto Assessment of State Standards)

  • Pickens County students met proficiency above state average rates in 28 of 30 grade levels and subject areas in 2013-2014.
  • Scores declined in 23 of 30 tested areas from 2013, mirroring a statewide decline as the assessment shifted to align to new standards.
  • SC PASS will be replaced by a new assessment for the 2014-2015 school year.
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  • Complete data is available on the SC Department of Education website.

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