ACT Scores Stay Strong in 2015

ACTlogoACT scores for the graduating class of 2015 were released on August 26, showing School District of Pickens County students continuing to perform well with a composite score of 22.4.

The composite score was the same as the graduating class of 2014, and remained above the South Carolina average of 20.4. The number of test-takers in Pickens County increased to 360 from the previous total of 336. "For our scores to stay high while giving the test to more students is a good sign for our high schools," said Dr. Danny Merck, SDPC superintendent. "It's a credit to our teachers, parents, and administrators at our high schools that our students consistently show that they are well-prepared for college."

SDPC students performed above the state and national averages in every high school and in every subject area.

"We're glad to see scores stay at a level that indicates college readiness, and I think that is due to students taking the rigorous coursework necessary to prepare them," said Sharon Huff, SDPC's Assistant Superintendent of Instruction. "Our schools are encouraging students to take more honors, dual-credit, and Advanced Placement courses, and our teachers have high expectations."

Last school year, all 11th grade students in South Carolina were required to take the ACT as well. The results for the 11th grade test takers are not included in the scores released on August 26, and those results will be released by ACT at a later date.

SDPC students scored 22.0 in the English portion of the test, 21.9 in Math, 22.9 in Reading, and 22.2 in Science. SDPC's scores in each subject area were within three tenths of a point of last year's scores.

​​Class of 2015 ACT Results​

English Math Reading Science Composite
Daniel High 23.2 23.5 23.8 23.1 23.5
Easley High 21.7 21.1 22.8 21.9 22.0
Liberty High 20.5 21.2 22.6 21.7 21.6
Pickens High 21.7 21.4 22.2 22.0 21.9
SDPC 22.0 21.9 22.9 22.2 22.4
SC 19.8 20.2 20.9 20.4 20.4
U.S. 20.4 20.8 21.4 20.9 21.0