2014-2015 Assessment Results for SDPC Schools

South Carolina School Report Cards


  • SDPC's 2014 average was 22.4, well above the SC public school average of 20.4 and national average of 21.0.
  • Among top five districts in South Carolina, with top scores of any county-wide district in SC.
  • Scores for SDPC every high school were above national averages in every subject.
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AP (Advanced Placement)

  • 721 SDPC students took AP exams, up from 694 the year before.
  • Average passage rate (score of 3 or higher) in 2015 was 68.1%, up from 65% in 2014.
  • SDPC remained above the state average of 57 percent of students with a passing score of 3 or higher.
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ACT WorkKeys
  • 91.8 percent of Pickens County 11th graders earned a National Career Readiness Certificate.
  • Performance outpaced the statewide average of 87.9 percent.
  • 70.7 percent of SDPC students scored Silver or above on the test, good for 8th highest among all districts in South Carolina, and first among all county-wide districts. 
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  • SDPC's Mean Composite Score was 1501, an improvement from its previous score of 1489.
  • SDPC was above the national mean score of 1490, and well above the South Carolina Public School mean score of 1428. 
  • SDPC's score was first among all county-wide districts in SC, and Top 5 among all districts in the state.
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