Transcripts & Records

 Students Currently Enrolled​

  • Current students and/or parents of current students need to see the school counselor at the child's current school for school procedures and costs for transcripts for currently enrolled students.
  • No charge will be assessed to send a copy of a K-12 student's records to another school.

Requesting Transcripts for Students No Longer Enrolled or Who Are Graduates

Transcripts for students no longer enrolled or who have graduated from SDPC High Schools may be ordered through Scriborder. A fee of up to $15 may be charged for each transcript requested. The fee is paid through the use of a credit or debit card. No requests or funds exchange hands at the school level for those who are not current students.


Student Educational Records are considered confidential information and can only be mailed or picked up in person. A telephone call will NOT release your records

Requesting Records for Someone Else

If you are an individual requesting a student transcript and/or records for another person who is over 18 years of age, we require a written consent and a copy of a valid government photo id from the person in question prior to releasing any records. Note:  Parents also need written consent and a copy of a valid government photo id if their child is now over the age of 18.

Third Party Request

Employment agencies, potential employers, recruiters, lawyers and all other agencies may contact the school to obtain a copy of student records. Before any verification letter will be granted or records released, we will need written consent request prior to releasing any records.​ The cost for a third party request is $25.

Diploma Replacements

Diplomas are replaced through the South Carolina Department of Education.