Phone System Update

Phone System Update
Posted on 08/11/2020
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This summer, SDPC replaced our 10-year-old phone system with a new one which integrates with Webex and Schoology. The new system is expected to save SDPC $1 million over the next 10 years. With the installment of the new phone system, we have reduced the number of Direct Inward Dial (DID) numbers for the district.

The reduction in DID numbers means that to reach most school phones, outside callers will first need to dial the school's main line, then enter the four digit extension of the person or room they are trying to reach.

(For example, to reach the conference room at Easley High School, you would dial 864-397-3100, and when the auto attendant answers, enter 3152. If you were to dial "864-397-3152" from an outside phone, the call will fail and you will hear a busy signal.)

District-wide services including Transportation, Operations, Central Services, AITS, and Special Services will continue to have direct-dial numbers, and users in-district phones will still be able to call each other using only the four-digit extension.

When calling all schools, dialing "0" will direct to the front desk, and dialing "9" will take you to a dial-by-name directory.