National Technical Honor Society Induction

98 Inducted Into National Technical Honor Society
Posted on 03/15/2017
NTHS Ceremony

We're proud to congratulate the 98 SDPC high school students who were inducted into the National Technical Honor Society on March 15. WYFF News 4's Carol Goldsmith was the master of ceremonies for the induction ceremony at our Career & Technology Center.

The National Technical Honor Society (also known as NTHS) strives to bring well deserved recognition, scholarship opportunities, and career opportunities to students who excel in one of the many career and technical educational fields as their profession. Not only do NTHS students embody all the attributes and talent which is in demand today, these students also embrace a clear vision for tomorrow’s workforce and their role in it.
 NTHS currently serves approximately 100,000 active members and nearly a million members since its inception in 1984. Over $250,000 in scholarships are awarded annually to its members. NTHS honors the achievements of top Career & Technology Education students, provides scholarships to encourage the pursuit of higher education, and cultivates excellence in today’s highly competitive, skilled workforce. 
The names of the inductees are listed below.
NTHS students

Anderson, Bailee Marie

Armstrong, Kirsten Danielle

Austin, Aliya Chantell

Avant, Ainsley Brooke

Avendano Alfaro, Abril

Avery, Trevor Sean

Ballew, Addison Forrest

Barron, Jameson Haney

Barrow, Logan James

Bautista, Claudia Jennifer

Bearden, Donald Ray

Beecher, Kayleigh Ann

Belt, Daniel James

Berry, Shyanne Angel

Breazeale, Thomas Boyd

Brown, Raven LeeAnn

Bryant, Meghan Breanna

Chappell, Stephanie Nicole

Chastain, Alyzia Angel

Craig, Ki'Shana Sharnelle

Day, Talmadge Hamlin

Doherty, Erin Haley

Downs, Ashton Olivia

Durham, Alyssa Brook

Durham, Gage Ronald

Eller, Madison Katherine

Elrod, Lacy Olivia

Foster, Jon Taylor

Gamble, Mariah Avery

Gambrell, Hannah Mikaylen

Gantt, Hannah Elizabeth

Glenn, Amya Antiniece

Goeringer, Jackson Esteve

Greenlaw, David Allen

Hale, Tonye Nikayla

Hall, Nicole Raeanne

Hitt, William Grant

Howard, Alyssa Joy

Huynh, Jennifer Kim

Iniguez, Melanie

Jordan, Maggie Alise

Kelly, Noah John

Kilton, Olivia Blair

Lehmann, Zackery Chayce

Lewis, Genefer Elizabeth

Livingston, Brittany Nicole

Lovell, Charley Skyler

Major, Jasmine Gabrielle

Marling, Allison Yvonne

Marshall, Cody Shane

Martin, Haley Christine

Martin, Kayla Kathleen

Masters, Noah Andrew

Mejia, Brandon Michael

Merck, Julianne Campbell

Miller, Evington John Bradley

Miller, Natalie Marie

Molloseau, Treasure Ann

Morgan, Neve Benet

Nabor, Ramiro

Norton, Richard Ross

Ortega, Justine Cabrera

Parvis, Grayson Andrew

Pena-Lara, Itzelt

Penson, Madison Leigh

Pickler, Bryan Shun

Porter, Bailey Elizabeth

Pritchard, Alyssa Ann

Ragsdale, Brittany Cheyenne

Rampey, Nicholas Paul

Ray, Katherine Irene

Rhodes, Gracie Denise

Roach, Bailey Raye

Roberts, Mandalyn Kate

Sanchez, Andrea Cecilia

Sauls, Emily Michelle

Skinner, Hannah Michelle

Smith, Emily Elizabeth

Stancell, Ivey Breanna

Stillwell, Seth William

Taylor, Andruw Steven

Teets, Dante Nathaniel

Tester, Jacob Eugene

Thomas, Sydney Marie

Trotter, Grace Ann

Turner, Emily Christine

Turner, Katelyn Marie

Vazques, Matias Miguel

Velasquez, Nayra Jacqueline

Wallace, Isabel Lillian

Westfall, Trey Robert Charles

Whitaker, Daniel John

White, Krista Michelle

Williams, James Walker

Williamson, Jacob Daniel

Wimpey, Stephanie Allison

Wood, Keeli Michelle

Young, Maxwell Adib