LHS Donates to Flooding Victims

Liberty High School Play Sends $2,500 to Flooding Victims
Posted on 09/09/2016
Cast and Check

Mrs. Jean Toole's theater students at Liberty High School led an one-of-a-kind fundraiser to send $2,500 to their counterparts at St. Amant High School in Louisiana. St. Amant High School and its community were devastated by flooding in their area.


On the second day of school this year, a group of Mrs. Toole's theater students volunteered to put on a one-act play to raise money for the flooding victims. With only four class periods to prepare, the students put on a successful production of "Check Please" for their classmates, selling out all 450 tickets at a cost of $2 per ticket. Incredibly, they earned well over their goal due to the number of students who donated beyond the price of admission just to help students in Louisiana. Also, Ms. Avannah Lewis and her foods class made cupcakes and sold them contributing $261 dollars to the total raised. Finally, a generous donation from a community member brought the total raised to over $2,500.

On September 9, the LHS students announced via video call their gift to their friends in Louisiana, who were stunned at the total raised!

The icing on the cake for this fundraiser came from the author of the play, Jonathan Rand, and his publisher, Playscripts Inc., who agreed to let the school perform the play royalty-free so that all of the proceeds could go to students in Louisiana. Rand is a prolific playwright whose works are some of the most widely-performed high-school plays in North America.


We are extremely proud of the initiative and charitable hearts of our students at Liberty High School!